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I initially had some trouble with the original dialogue. I wanted the grandma to speak first to make it look like we stumbled on them in the middle of their conversation but as things progressed it became more complicated. So I had to do the whole thing again based on the version I submitted. I tweaked it here and there, not wanting Ben Sr. to sound like a whiny kid (although he does have an excuse to be wary of hearing people talking about death and dying because of what he's been through with his own family in the past) and from there I translated everything into english. So here it is.


* This strip was published September 20, 2006.


I've been researching about other people's list of things they want to do before they die and I was a bit disappointed to find that not a lot of them involved extreme things that border on the truly insane. So what I did was to try and come up with my own for this storyline. It was a lot harder than I thought although it included among other things, swimming with the sharks and eating fugu. This is what I came up with after a couple days' racking my brain and watching an episode of Top 10 List in Discovery Travel and Living. Out of curiosity, what's in your Top 10 List of outrageous things you want to do before you die?

* This strip was published September 13, 2006.


This one didn't take half as long since I started working the details of this one way before the last strip. The part about the Nevis Highwire Bungy being seen in cable is true. The T.J.'s of Discovery Travel and Living Channel about two months and a half prior to this story (you can read all about the crazy highwire jumping-off place here).

Again, thanks in advance to all those who will be leaving their comments in the box below. You can see the original published strip in the original Tagalog here.

* This strip was published September 6, 2006.


This one took far longer than I expected. I didn't do much coloring nor backgrounds in the original version that I submitted for publication (which you can see here) and I had to do the whole thing with this version you see here. Add to that the fact that our net connection suffered a downtime on our end for a couple of days. Anyway, I tried to do what I can with the translation from the original colloquial Tagalog, preserving as much as I can about the humor. Do tell me if I've succeeded in that department. Thanks in advance to all those who will be leaving their comments in the box below. Hope you all enjoy this one as well.

* This strip was published August 30, 2006.


The taguan (hide and seek) storyline ends here. I changed the female teachers in the original submission to a more embarrassing... er, situation. Thanks for standing by. *bow*

* This strip was published August 23, 2006.


Click image to view the whole version

Three years and counting in the Philippines and he's still haven't got the hang of counting in tagalog. I changed the original ending the last minute hence the delay.

* This strip was published August 16, 2006.

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