West Side


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The revision of this old strip took longer than I expected. The reason being because of the amount of revisions on the visuals in this one. The flash backs were originally supposed to be torn photographs but it didn't fly when translated onto the computer. The idea for the final format came after watching, "Silent Hill".

You can see the original strip that saw print here (written in Filipino but the context of the dialogue's still very much the same). By the way, to those not familiar with the terms used in the strip: the term "ka" is short for "kapatid" or brother and/or sister, a term used mostly by northerners to refer to older siblings (from what I know by experience anyway). While "Ina" is "Mom".

I hope to be able to upload the next one fairly quick since I only need to do one minor revision and just color the rest.

* The original version of this strip was published Jan. 10, 2007.


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