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Is this too wordy? This one went through a lot of revisions which partly explains why this one took so long. I also had to start from scratch yesterday after the original file became corrupted just when I was putting in the final details.

* The original version of this strip was published in the December 22-29, 2005 issue.


I was thinking of doing some minor editing with the original strip since I was pretty happy with how it turned out but decided against it because I think I could do better than that. Click the image to view the original strip that saw print last year. You could see it as sort of a continuation of this one.

The term "Canagan" (CON nig in) is an Irish term meaning, "wolf cub." The nicknames betray the close relationship they have with each other.

* The original version of this strip was published December 15, 2005.


I'm redoing most of the series that came out in the paper last December because the introduction of new characters almost always messes up the status quo and it takes a while before everything settles down again. You can click the strip to view the extended version that I did on a whim. Well, sort of on a whim.

* The original version of this strip was published December 7, 2005.


This was also rewritten and redrawn since I wasn't very happy with how the original strip turned out. And although I did have an idea who the Irish-American in-laws are I only had vague ideas as to how the others would react to them. There wasn't enough information about them to generate good ideas. Initially at least.

* The original version of this strip was published November 30, 2005.


This was completely rewritten and redrawn after two previous versions that I think didn't work at all. This also concludes the Thanksgiving storyline. Next up is the Christmas series with the Irish-American in-laws coming over to visit the grandkids and to escape the harsh East Coast winter.

* The original version of this strip was published November 23, 2005.


This was one of the strips that was done in a hurry so there wouldn't be any gaps in the newspaper during our month long vacation in the East Coast last November. I redrew and edited the second and fourth panels because I wasn't happy with the impact of the punchline.

* The original version of this strip was published November 16, 2005.


Inday wasn't yet in their employ when BJ first brought home his girlfriend same time time last year and that poses a problem with the continuity. This was also the first time I gave what was supposed to be a temp girlfriend a name and a status.

* This strip was published November 9, 2005.


Another Thanksgiving arrives and the Ibarra family are up to the challenge of making this memorable for all concerned.

* This strip was published November 2, 2005.


This was based on a blurry memory I have as a kid back in the 80s where I think I heard it. But I do like buying that stuff as I enjoy watching the vendor mix some powder, food color, crushed ice, and red tapioca balls ("sago" in local parlance, they also come in different colors but red is the preferred color here) to make a huge batch inside a medium sized pail. They then serve it in small plastic cups with short colorful straws. I think the powder they use is the same the folks at Orange Julius use to mix with their smoothies (are these ground egg shells?). They both have the same powdery aftertaste.

* This strip was published October 26, 2005.


I missed the Komikon last year because of we had to take a well deserved vacation to the East Coast. To think that I was one of the organizers who worked to get the sponsors. Hehe.

* This strip was published October 19, 2005.


I'm beginning to get the hang of showing bits and pieces of individual characteristics of these characters. That's BJ grumping about comic book geeks (I failed to include his name in the strip again).

* This strip was published October 12, 2005.


A behind-the-scenes preview of what goes on with talking to event organizers. I'm returning the favor to my friend who has been featuring me in his strip numerous times in the past. Click this link in case you're curious about the costume reference for Darna and the Planet Women.

* This strip was published October 05, 2005.


New storyline for October (but I'm starting early). I'm incorporating some of our experiences getting sponsors for the upcoming komiks convention but I'm gonna tell the story from the sponsor's point of view. Or something like it. I edited the first two panels for maximum punchline impact.

* This strip was published September 28, 2005.


This was supposed to be followed up with one last strip that wasn't going to come out in the newspaper but unfortunately I never got to doing that one. I'll try to look for that one and see if I wrote it down and maybe I'll do get to draw it finally.

* This strip was published September 21, 2005.

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