West Side


He's got game.

* This strip was published August 9, 2006.


We used to play hide and seek back in high school during lunch. What started out with seven players soon attracted some thirteen more. You'd think that we're a little too old to be playing those kinds of games but we had the most fun doing that. Of course that was way before the advent of pagers, Tetris, and cellphones.

* The original version of this strip was published August 2, 2006.


He will be back. Oh, yes he will be.... Mwahahahaha!

* The original version of this strip was published July 26, 2006.


This was published last month the week after the sci-fi and fantasy convention, New Worlds 4: A Broken Time Machine: The Fourth Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention at the Rockwell Tent. By the way, in case you're not familiar with the costume, it's Dark Helmet from the movie, Spaceballs. Hope y'all enjoy this one as you did the others!

* The original version of this strip was published July 19, 2006.


I had to make some additional editing in the dialogue aside from translating some of it to english. Recreating the dialogue long after the initial burst of idea passed by sucks. Wish I could have written it the first time I thought of it. Hope y'all enjoy this one too. Props to all who left those wonderful compliments in the past installments of this strip!

* This strip was published July 12, 2006.


I'm gonna go with this stalker storyline for the long haul with Mare here. I almost the got the whole story down pat, it's just a matter of ironing out the details for future encounters. I also got a surprise guest which Beerkada fans will surely recognize. Hehehe.

* This strip was published July 5, 2006.


Thus concludes the storyline for the month of June. There wasn't anything wrong with the original (this is a remake) but something in the original third panel made me have second thoughts about posting it online so there's been some changes which you now see here.

* The original version of this strip was published June 28, 2006.


Click the image to view the whole strip

The original idea for this was fine. I was stoked with the idea but having a deadline hanging over one's head tends to mess with the details. So I did what I can with the few hours remaining in the original submission and drew the figures on another paper. And just this week, I went over it again, redrew everything and tightened the dialogue a bit. It's definitely easier the second time around when all you have to do is revise something. This one features a one of the two shopkeeps of Always Saturday as guest. I haven't figured what this guy's name is.

* This strip was published June 21, 2006.


I edited the dialogue and tightened it up showing the tense relationship between these two. The writing (especially in the first panel) was influenced, or at least I tried to approximate, cool comic book writer, J.M. DeMatteis' humorous style of writing especially in the Justice League series.

* This strip was published June 14, 2006.


For this strip I thought of creating a story revolving around collectible statues from the top of my head (the Toys and Collectibles Convention was slated to be held middle of that month, June). I didn't have any solid idea for a back-to-school joke so I went ahead with this one. There were also some changes done to improve the humor and what-nots with this one.

* This strip was published June 7, 2006.

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