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This was the idea that came out in the weekly paper a couple of weeks ago (you can see that one here). I also created an extended version inserting some extra panels to properly introduce the newcomers and draw some history into them as well. But right after posting it I realized it may be more of a disadvantage making it merely amusing than funny.

* This strip was published May 10, 2006.


Sorry for the delay. The I was making some final tweaks in original file before uploading it to this site when an automatic shut down occurred indubitably corrupting it beyond repair. Still the whole thing turned out to be a blessing in disguise. While I was sulking I took the time to figure out what's wrong with the picture (or drawing as the case may be) and made some adjustments. So here it is. By the by, this wasn't printed in the weekly paper, Philippine News so that could only mean one thing...

* This is a bonus strip.


Click the image to view the extended version

This one was skipped in the papers this week, I'm just having so much fun with this storyline I figured I'd go ahead and throw in a few more strips. Besides this here's another way to introduce the Philippines to visitors and would-be visitors alike (don't let the local politicking you see in CNN stop you from coming over, that happens only in the Metro and it's more of a nuisance than anything. This here's a very fine country). Anyway, hope y'all like this one.

* This is a bonus strip.


It's time for BJ's college football buddies to come pay him a visit. This will run for a whole month so I hope y'all like this one too. We're now back on track and what you're seeing right now is the latest strip that came out this week in the weekly, Philippine News.

* This strip was published May 3, 2006.


You have to admit one those gestures would be more eyecatching than the usual thumbs down. Try to imagine too what if these protestors took her advice and did one them choices she gave? That would be awesome! Front-page dailies here we come!

* This strip was published April 26, 2006.


The idea for this came to me clearly way before I even wrote down the script for the first strip in this story. I pictured her wearing something exactly like this, like a cross between Neil Gaiman's goth-girl, Death and Madonna during her Material Girl phase during the mid-80s (Check this out. Oh man, that was fun!)

* This strip was published April 19, 2006.


Though summertime is an exciting time that many students look forward to, it can actually turn into a time of great boredom after a week or so. After all with no allowance to spend how long do you think all the promise of good times will last? Protest rallies, because we all need a surge of excitement every once in a while.

* This strip was published April 12, 2006.


Sometimes one doesn't to look for far for materials for this strip because truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction. I first read about in Carlos Celdran's blog about a month prior to the release of this strip and I would have jumped to doing it if not the set storyline I already got planned last month. Suffice to say, the only ones that came out feeling like a million bucks were the coffee shop owners themselves.

* This strip was published April 5, 2006.


Thus concludes the story for this month. Winter has ended on the East Coast and it's time for the Flanagans to fly back home to Boston. They enjoyed their stay in the Philippines and are planning to come back again sometime around next year to visit the grandkids. We'll see how that goes.

* This strip was published March 29, 2006.


There was a bit reediting done on the dialogue because I wasn't able to umm... extrapolate what it is I wanted them to say the first time around. I did have the idea of the script I just didn't figure out exactly how they'd go about it without it coming off as forced or stretched. I'm also still feeling out the finer points of the emnity between these two grown men. Tom's reluctant concession that his son-in-law's quite an agreeable chap after all these years took a lot of courage on his part and he deserves a pat on the back. But then again so does Ben for practicing incredible restraint as he would obviously rather give Tom more than a congratulatory pat.

* This strip was published March 22, 2006.

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