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This was based on a blurry memory I have as a kid back in the 80s where I think I heard it. But I do like buying that stuff as I enjoy watching the vendor mix some powder, food color, crushed ice, and red tapioca balls ("sago" in local parlance, they also come in different colors but red is the preferred color here) to make a huge batch inside a medium sized pail. They then serve it in small plastic cups with short colorful straws. I think the powder they use is the same the folks at Orange Julius use to mix with their smoothies (are these ground egg shells?). They both have the same powdery aftertaste.

* This strip was published October 26, 2005.


At 11:18 AM, Blogger chompy said...

i love this stuff when i was a kid! are these still available? i think the last time i drank this was during a trip to a church in laguna a few years ago. sa province na lang ba meron nito? :(


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