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One of my friends got a good laugh about this and told me that he just learned one of his old buddies was one of the organizers of the few "speed dating" companies around the Metro. Let me know if there are any of you interested in trying this one out. But read this one below before seriously getting into it:
Speeding dating reduces rejection cost for participants.
Real speeding dating events do not allow participants to ask each other out. Only participates that express mutual interest will be given contact information from event coordinators. Also, other nonverbal communication signals such as body language can be used to see if mutual attraction exists, thus lowering rejection cost.

Does Speed Dating Really Reduce Rejection Cost?
Going to a speed dating event may help you avoid face-to-face rejection because real speed dating includes a rule that only people who mutually chose each other would be given each other's contact information from the event coordinators. However, you may end up being indirectly rejected more often than a regular night out at a bar because you would have the opportunity to ask all the possible candidates out. A chance that nobody will be interested in dating you exists. If this happens, you would leave the event feeling less attractive and worthy than before the event. So on the next speed dating event, those people who had nobody interested in them would less likely to go.

The operating words are "indirect rejection" so it may not be as painful as trying to start a conversation and being left in the air by a stranger. Me? I don't think I would be trying it.

* This strip was published September 7, 2005.
** Copied from the Social Grid site.


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