West Side


I lost the original english translation when I wrote over the original version by accident. I was editing bits and parts of the drawing when I absent mindedly saved instead of copy-pasting the edited portions over it. Grrr... I hate it when that happens. I had to translate the whole thing over again and I don't think this one's as hilarious as the original. But enough of that.

February 2006's storyline ends with this one and I was planning to carry the story over to March with the local TV showbiz programs picking up the incident and blowing it out of proportion for the sake of gossip. Then BJ's dad and grampa would wind up watching it on TV and they would have a royal debate over the way the dad raises his kids leading to a discussion about the two grown-ups' relationship and how it's high time they tried to patch things up. This would merit a good storyline by iitself but the problem was the Flanagans were set to leave by the end of March in time for the end of winter at the East Coast and it's virtually impossible to squeeze in two storylines in one month without sacrificing a lot of details. Anyhoo, stay tuned on how things turned out in the next installments.

* This strip was published February 22, 2006.


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