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I practically grew up with limericks thanks to my dad who supplied us with shelves and shelves of books ranging from science and history to arts and fairy tales. And it was there that I first discovered the quirky verses penned by artist Edward Lear. I never realized that they were poems by themselves at the time. I just enjoyed reading them over and over. Then around a decade ago I penned some of my own, they were some of the finest free verses that ever came out of my pen. They were a paean to some local professional basket heroes I looked up to at the time (the 90s were the golden age of Philippine basketnall for me) and fortunately, or unfortunately, they're now either lost or just buried underneath all the junk I keep in my room. It was only recently I discovered that the creation of these limericks were serious art, kinda like comic strips (many people think it looks too easy and cheap to do but there are hours and hours of work poured down into these when you think about it).

Bill Watterson makes writing poems looks so easy, I struggled with the words in the second panel for hours and days on end. It was only now I was able to edit the whole damn thing to a semblance I'm satisfied with. Sort of. Ech!

* This strip was published February 15, 2006.


At 2:37 PM, Blogger chompy said...

wow, you should post your other stuff too! that'd be cool.

i didnt know watterson wrote poems..


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