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Nothing like a good foot massage to make her feel good about her gift. The book is not really not such a bad thing actually most especially if you get one of the earlier works by Frank Peretti. Like this one, for example: "Piercing the Darkness" is the sequel to one of the most awesome novels I've ever read, "This Present Darkness." You want suspense? This one's got suspense! You want action? This one's got loads of action! You want a good round of characters? This one's got a whole gaggle of them! You want a great climax? Hang on to your seats 'cause this one's a page turner! Rumor has it that Director Steven Spielberg considered making the first book into a movie but passed on it later to make "Jurassic Park." I'm not sure how true that story is so don't go around quoting me on this.

The purpose of this one was because I had to justify why she was reading a book in this one since the round of new strips for February started with this one. Also, since there are no more strips left to be edited or redrawn we're well on the way to getting things back on track around next week. Yay!

* This strip was published February 8, 2006.


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